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HYDROPONIC: DO-IT-YOURSELF / BUILD YOUR OWN SYSTEM OVER 450 PAGES FULL OF INFORMATION AND COLOR PICTURES PDF EBOOK - READ AT YOUR COMPUTER OR PRINT THE PAGES AND PLANS WHEN YOU WANT!! THIS IS THE MOST INFORMATION ABOUT HYDROPONIC PROPAGATION YOU WILL FIND ANYWHERE. THIS BOOK WILL GIVE YOU DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT THE WAY A HYDRO SYSTEM WORKS, CARE FOR YOUR HYDRO GARDEN, MOST COMMON PLANTS GROWN ALONG WITH THE MOST COMMON PROBLEMS. THERE IS EVEN SOME PLANS TO BUILD YOUR OWN HYDRO SYSTEM COMPLETE WITH A PARTS LIST AND PLAIN AND SIMPLE DIRECTIONS WITH PICTURES SO EVEN YOUNG GARDENERS CAN BUILD ONE AND START GROWING. CONTENTS INCLUDED: •· History of Hydroponics •· General Hydroponics •· Benefits Hydroponic Food Production •· Build Your Own Hydro-systems •· Germinating and Transplanting •· Hydroponic Root Chamber •· Flood and Drain •· Drip Feed System •· 12 Plant Patio Table Garden •· 11 Plant 1 inch screw off bottle garden •· Expandable 9 plant garden •· Water Culture System •· Windowsill Wonder •· The Aqua-farm •· Controller Instructions •· WaterFarm / AquaFarm Setup Instructions •· Powergrower Setup Instructions •· Eve's Garden Setup Instructions •· Planning and Building a Greenhouse •· Indoor Lighting •· Retail Hydroponic Systems •· Mixing Hydroponic Juices •· Hydroponic Pumps •· Hydro Media & Supplies •· Mineral Elements / Nutrient Mixing Directions •· Advanced Nutrient Management •· Super Nutrients •· Mixing Hydroponic Juices •· Mineral Deficiencies in Plants •· pH Acidbase •· Foods Grown in Hydroponics •· Using CO2 Successfully •· Most Common Problems •· Postharvest Handling Systems •· Debate "Organics" or "Hydroponics" •· Hydroponic Terminology •· Beginner's Growing Tips •· Periodic Table of Elements •· Conversion Calculation Tables •· Science projects •· References

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